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With no day the same as the next, across any of our seasons, our programmes support your child's whole development, whether they join us for one day or the whole year.

We've eradicated boring repetitive days at camp, and replaced them with an engaging, inspiring and progressive curriculum. Transforming potential, one camp at a time. 

not just a holiday camp...


Sports, Arts and
Camp Activities

Healthy Habits

and Life Skills

Core Subject Tuition

CE Workshops

GCSE Knowledge
and Skills Workshops

Children Playing in Park

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Why next level?

Find out how we’re disrupting the summer camp industry, whilst simultaneously supporting the holistic development of children. Reducing the ‘summer slide’ and providing a safe, inspiring and fun environment for the school holidays.

Science and Technology

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Find out why Next Level Camps are for you…


It's no secret that learning and development never takes a break, especially during childhood.


So as important as the School Holiday's are in taking a break from the usual rigorous school day, it is just as important that the time spent away from a school environment still aids the holistic development of children. 


If not, our children are exposed to the 'Summer Slide'; a global phenomenon studied since the 1960s, whereby the cumulative effect of the absence of learning and cognitive and social stimulation over the school holidays, results in a 2-3 year decline of a child's development.

In every way possible - academic and social progress, and both physical and mental health suffer.

That's why, at Next Level Camps, we prioritise holistic child development. By promoting child engagement in activities which support academic, social and physical progress, we can help to reduce the effects of the 'Summer-Slide' and boost both health and happiness in every child which camps with us.

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