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At Next Level Camps we believe that child development should never take a break...


The Issue:

Currently in the United Kingdom, children are faced with the phenomenon known as the ‘summer slide’. The ‘summer slide’ is the cumulative impact of school holidays on the development of the whole child, which amounts to 2-3 years worth of academic and social progress lost by the time they finish their school years. 

Our Solution: 

We provide a safe, inclusive and fun environment for children to spend their school holidays. But unlike other camp provisions, we go one step further. Our camp is specifically designed to help develop the whole child; academically and socially. Our tailor-made sessions are designed by education specialists, so learning never stops; yet the environment is built in a way that children know and feel they are still at camp and not at school! A win, win.

By incorporating STEAM Workshops amongst fun and challenging sports and activities, children at Next Level Camps are exposed to problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, social skills, adaptability and so much more. Whilst always having fun. 

Designed by education professionals, we are there to bridge the holidays so holistic development never takes a break.

Children Playing

Our ethos

At Next Level Camps (NLC) our ethos is deeply rooted in holistic child development, creating a nurturing environment that transcends conventional childcare and education. We redefine the holiday camp experience with a personalised approach which empowers children to reach their full potential in various aspects of their lives.

Our ethos is upheld by our mission and our 5 Stars of Success.

We understand that learning never stops. Academic growth and nurturing mental and verbal cognition are at the core of our ethos. We use engaging STEAM Workshops to stimulate young minds during the holidays, encouraging them to explore their passions, enhance problem-solving skills and expand their knowledge in an exciting and challenging way. Promoting healthy habits and eco-consciousness is fundamental, shaping conscientious global citizens. We foster an inclusive, supportive community that teaches empathy, respect and co-operation. 

We also encourage children to embrace challenges, building confidence and personal achievements.

At Next Level Camps, we believe that every child possesses the potential to reach their next level, and we are committed to guiding them on that transformative journey, one holiday camp at a time.

Our Mission

At Next Level Camps (NLC) our mission of helping children reach their highest potential, is achieved by our camps ‘5 Stars of Success’:

Healthy habits


Protect our planet

Inspiring challenge


How do we achieve this at camp?

Children Meditating
  • Well-being Wednesday

  • Healthy SnackShop

  • Happy Life Habits

  • Finance Friday

  • Life Skills Sessions


Science Class
  • STEAM Workshops

  • Specialist 1:4/1:6 English, Maths and Science Tuition

  • 11+/13+ CE Examination Workshops

  • Year 10/11 GCSE Knowledge and Skills Workshops 


School Garden
  • EcoBricks

  • Recycling Initiatives 

  • Carbon Offsetting

  • EcoWarriors

  • Compost and Waste Management

Protect our planet

Archery Board nature
  • Sports and Activities

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Next Level Challenges

  • Specialised STEAM Days

Inspiring challenge

Happy Children
  • Linear Academic Groupings

  • Personalised Timetables

  • Health and Safety

  • Friday Fun!

  • NLC Passports

  • Camp Membership 

Building community

"Not just a holiday camp, our programmes are meticulously designed to enhance holistic child development. With no day the same as the next, across any of our seasons, our programmes support your child's whole development, whether they join us for one day or the whole year.

We've eradicated boring repetitive days at camp, and replaced them with an engaging, inspiring and progressive curriculum. Transforming potential, one camp at a time". 

not just a holiday camp...


Sports, Arts and
Camp Activities

Healthy Habits

and Life Skills

Core Subject Tuition

CE Workshops

GCSE Knowledge
and Skills Workshops

Explore our example weekly timetable here >

our groupings

level 1

Ages 4-5

level 2

Ages 6-8

level 3

Ages 9-10

level 4

Aged 11+

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