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level 3: ADVENTURE

Step into ‘Adventure’ for thrilling challenges and immersive experiences, for our young adventurers aged 9-10. From hands-on STEAM experiments and inspiring sporting activities to outdoor experiences, campers hone critical thinking skills, teamwork and creativity. In our supportive community, bravery and resilience flourish, empowering children to tackle obstacles with courage and curiosity. After all, every day is an adventure. 

Logo for next level camps ages 9-10
children in a science experiment at next level camps
happy children smiling at next level camps
children playing basketball at next level camps

development outcomes for children at level 3:

cognitive champions:

An adventure of the mind through STEAM-based experiments and inquiry, campers will develop intellectual growth and critical thinking skills

healthy habits:

An adventure through habits of mindfulness, resilience and self-awareness, equipping campers with the skills to adventure through life with an awareness of their physical and mental health

protect the planet:

Adventuring into the world of environmental conservation and sustainability through hands-on projects and community initiatives, empowering children to become stewards of the planet

inspiring challenge:

Embracing the adventure of increasingly complex challenges, sports and activities, whilst developing perseverance and adaptability

building community:

Finding adventure through building friendships, healthy relationships and teamwork

Children Playing in Park

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