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level 2: explore

Embark on an exciting journey of exploration for ages 6-8. Through engaging activities and challenging adventures, participants delve deeper into critical thinking, teamwork, and creative expression. From interactive science experiments to outdoor explorations each day is a new opportunity to broaden horizons. With our supportive community, campers embrace challenges with enthusiasm, and unlock endless possibilities in a safe, nurturing environment where exploration knows no bounds! 

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Children's Race
Jumping Game
Children coloring

development outcomes for children at level 2:

cognitive champions:

Exploring links between what we already know, how we can develop this knowledge and what we still have to uncover

healthy habits:

An exploration into the importance of personal health responsibility, and ways in which we can incorporate healthy habits into our routine

protect the planet:

Exploring eco-friendly initiatives, fostering a deeper sense of environmental responsibility and sustainability practices

inspiring challenge:

An exploration into different comfort zones by embracing challenges in various sports and activities, fostering a growth mindset

building community:

Exploring the components of teamwork, communication, and how to nurture a supportive and inclusive community

Children Playing in Park

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